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TVF Grimm Review: Unmasked


The Walking Dead was a difficult episode to judge. It’s unfortunate NBC couldn’t work out the scheduling to air this and next Tuesday's installment back to back since so much of hinges on what's coming next.

Nevertheless, this was a step up from last week’s underwhelming episode.

All of the storylines are coming together in ways that are more exciting than Grimm has been projecting. Renard’s brother, Eric, has taken a detour to Portland, unbeknownst to everyone - and he’s in cahoots with the zombie maker who has shipping containers filled with zombies (Hoarding: Buried Alive!).

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alycakes3552d ago

Everything is finally coming together and because of that I thought it was a great episode. I liked the way Juliet accepted all the imformation she had to take in all at once and I even thought it was kinda funny. I know something bad will probably happen next week but I hope it's not as bad as last season.

StarWarsFan3542d ago

The finale was the best. So intense with a great cliffhanger.