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'Walking Dead' Season 4: Daryl To Stab Rick In The Back In The Upcoming Season? VIDEO & Details

To the excitement of its fans, AMC's The Walking Dead is currently filming its fourth season in Georgia. Although the future installment's October return is still far off, the respective news assures several loyalists that they'll have the opportunity to salvage the bits and pieces of information that make its way onto the web.

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Sandmano3549d ago

There the best characters so I hope not.

aDDicteD3549d ago

So someone will turn against rick? It's hard to speculate that one because I cannot imagine daryl, glenn, michonne, or anyone in the group be a traitor cause that will totally be a huge step for that character.

Sandmano3549d ago

While they seem like a tight group I believe someone will betray him.