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15 Best Comedy Movies of All Time

Chillopedia: For centuries, comedy films have been putting smiles on many faces around the world and have cemented their reputation as truly a best medicine. Even the mass-murderers and psychopaths like the Joker need a good laugh every now and then.

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TheHergulaX3549d ago

I have expressed my dislike of "Best of all time" lists, so I won´t go there. The list was overall fine, it had many films deservingly in the top 15, It was a nice read.

GuyThatPlaysGames3548d ago

Both Ace Ventura films, John Candy films, Chris Farley, Money Talks, Beverly Hills Cop, Naked Gun series and too many others

Leio3549d ago

This list is just bad

coolbeans3549d ago

It's like this writer didn't know comedies existed before the 90's!

ProjectVulcan3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Comedies are a lot about taste and the writer clearly has little. Several of those in the list are worthy films, but many are just flatout poor films like Murphy's Dr Dolittle.

I can think of many better black comedies for example, that are CLASSIC films as well instead of just 'comedies'.

Ealing comedies say hi. Dr. Strangelove says hi.

jony_dols3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

How is the Truman Show in as the second best 'comedy of all-time'?! It's a great film with a bits of dark humour, but it's not a film that comes to mind when I think of a comedy!

And then classics like Animal House, Ghostbusters, Trading Places, In Brugges or Groundhog Day don't even get an honorable mention...Terrible list.

Simon_Brezhnev3549d ago

I dont like the list. Maybe because im black and i like more black comedy who knows. I wish Harlem Nights was on that list. Hell i even like Step Brother and the 1st Hanger. The new comedies aint really funny to me now.

Horror movies are more of a comedy than comedies. LOL

Kakashi Hatake3548d ago

I'm black and I thought the list was great. Don't let color be a barrier to the things you can like. Comedy has no color,it's just comedy. Although I think Coming to America and Trading Places should've been on the list. Eddie Murphy was amazing in the 80s.

Simon_Brezhnev3548d ago

Yeah Eddy should had been on that list. The list was average at best. Hangover probably the best one on that list tbh.

SouthClaw3548d ago

Just want to point out race has nothing to do with comedy. Funny how you don't see "white guy" comedies but you see "black guy" comedies... racist much...

Also "black comedy" does not mean comedy for black people. Black comedy means dark humour e.g In Bruges.

Simon_Brezhnev3548d ago

Im talking about black comedy as in stand up comedy. Like Kings of Comedy or something. Not dark humor. Funny how you call me racist because i dont like the comedies you do.

caseh3548d ago

The Truman show was a comedy?

coolbeans3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Classified as a 'dram-com.' It's not a comedy in the lol sort of way, but the satire fueling everything is hilarious in its own right.

aDDicteD3546d ago

The list was good but is very random and i disagree on the rankings but that was ok the only thing i really dislike is the inclusion of the dictator which i think was a horrible film they should just replaced dictator with borat or naked weapon instead.

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