Robert Rodriguez Plans a From Dusk Till Dawn Television Series


Univision Communications Inc. announced today plans for the El Rey Network, a new general entertainment, English-language cable network geared towards young-adult audiences and created by renowned American filmmaker Robert Rodriguez and FactoryMade Ventures. The network will launch in December 2013 and have nation-wide distribution with initial carriage via Comcast.

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Hergula2348d ago

I actually enjoyed "From Dusk Till Dawn" films, yet I doubt that it would work as a TV Series.

ABizzel12347d ago

As long as it's based on the original, or maybe 3. 2 was garbage.

aDDicteD2348d ago

i would watch that series. i hope they do not do the thing zombieland did with actors trying to play other actors in the original. i hope they do a different story with equally cool characters.

Crazay2347d ago

For sure. I agree with this statement but one of the things I'd love to see is the way the ended the first movie with the revelation that the bar was actually sitting on top of a mayan pyramid, was awesome so I'd like to see that part of the mythology explored more.

StarWarsFan2340d ago

I only really liked the first From Dusk Till Dawn. A TV series could work though. The graphic language would have to be kept though.