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World War Z Viral Video Revealed

A sinister new viral clip for ‘World War Z’ - called ‘Public Service Announcement’ - has been released.

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Sandmano3556d ago

Been wanting a good zombie movie for a while hope this is it.

TheHergulaX3556d ago

Same here, it is about time we get a blockbuster of a zombie flick.

Sandmano3556d ago

I mean brad pitt in a zombie movie, how could it go wrong?

TheHergulaX3556d ago

I agree, I think that he will actually act very well in a setting like this, yet more trailers need to be released to be completely sure.

aDDicteD3550d ago

im in for any zombie movie, i think it might be highly entertaining but wont reach the level of popularity of zombie films like dawn of the dead and night of the living dead. some of the trailers show zombies faster than they used to be, i dont know if its a good thing or a bad thing but we have yet to see the overall plot.

StarWarsFan3548d ago

This should be a good movie, but the trailer isn't all that amazing. That has me worried.