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Bates Motel: "Underwater": IGN Review

"Underwater," the penultimate episode in Bates Motel's first season, introduced a whole new level of dark humor to the series. Bates Motel has the rare ability to balance a sense of the fantastic, the horrific, believable relationships and, somehow in the mix of all that, play. Of course these are very heightened circumstances and we don't fully give over to the "reality" of White Pine Bay, but that's part of what makes the series a joy to watch. Just that little bit of distance allows us to give over to this tale of a killer in the making without it becoming a heavy, dreary business.

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alycakes3553d ago

Wow! Who has the money? I would venture to be the sheriff has it....that's why he was so ready to make up that story about the deputy and how he died and all that he was into...he knew all along.