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Is The Walking Dead Headed To The Big Screen? Series Star Believes So


Earlier this week we reported that actor and star of AMC's The Walking Dead Chad Coleman, was interested in playing Marvel character, Luke Cage on film. Well Chad now goes onto tell MTV Geek that he believes a Walking Dead movie is in the works.

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Crazay2750d ago

I could see them doing an entire season and then ending off with a cliff hanger to be concluded in the summer to bridge the gaps and finish what they were working on. It also could continue to feed the hunger (No pun intended) of all the fans and to really catapult the new season even higher.

R3DRAIN892750d ago

I wouldnt mind seeing that happen, if the same intense story and great actors are involved,along with a great director.The Walking Dead movie will be awesome.

aDDicteD2750d ago

I would really like to have one. I think i'd prefer a stand alone movie so that it will attract both new comers and those faithful to the comics and tv series. It should be a new and fresh story because story arcs that are based on the comics would really work well on the tv series.

StarWarsFan2745d ago

I think this could take the place of World War Z easily.