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Andrew Garfield Returns Suited Up To The Amazing Spiderman 2 Set; Takes On A Semi

The latest photos from today’s filming of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 have spotted a rather tired Andrew Garfield, suited up, and (his stunt-double maybe) taking on a semi-truck. Check them out!

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TheHergulaX3554d ago

He looks exhausted, or tired. Seems like he is putting in work.

Sandmano3554d ago

Yeah he looks pretty worn out, was probably a really physical shoot.

TheHergulaX3554d ago

It is great to know that he is actually doing most of the things himself, instead of a stuntman. Something I even heard the director say, that he wants Andrew in the suit as much as humanly possible.

wishingW3L3553d ago

still don't like Garfield as Peter but he looks good with the suit.

TheHergulaX3553d ago

That is understandable, it took me awhile to like him as Peter Parker as well, but I simply love him as Spidey; The attitude is on-point.

Did you like the first film though?

Root3553d ago

The attitude is so off

He comes off as an arrogant dick, the type of person who would of probably bullied Peter Parker in high school

Peter is a likable, witty and sarcastic guy

It's like someone got a pair of thick glasses and slapped them of an ex model....BAM....your Peter Parker.

latinillusion813553d ago

He should have done what tobey did and work out to fit the costume better. He looks too skinny.

StarWarsFan3550d ago

I preferred Tobey Maguire more. But Garfield fits for this version of Spider-Man movies. His skinniness is aligned with the high school years. If he was more built, I don't think he'd fit as a high school student anymore.

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