N10 Review | 'The Great Gatsby' is Anything But

Jonathan Mumm:
"My expectations were high for THE GREAT GATSBY, but I really believe author F. Scott Fitzgerald is rolling in his grave over this interpretation of his novel. Of course, everything else is bouncing around in this movie, so why shouldn't he?"

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RetrospectRealm2322d ago

1/4? Are you kidding me? It can't be that bad.

Hergula2321d ago

I agree with you, and I will say no more (People tend to jump me when I say those things, ur good though Retro... ur good).

coolbeans2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Judging by the cast of actors, interesting visual design, and such you could probably say that. But I can't blame a reviewer for being so harsh against a screenplay that (judging by most reviews) seems to miss entire themes of the book.

The only "deep" idea this director/screenwriter seems to show is "doesn't the '00s parties feel JUST LIKE those in the roaring '20s. Love me for this simple observation and placing anachronistic music in order to hammer my point to the audience."

RetrospectRealm2320d ago

Honestly, it was an entertaining movie. That's all movies really need to be.

coolbeans2320d ago

I have to--respectfully--contend that necessarily shouldn't be the only criteria for certain movies, more so for one that's adapting 'The Great American Novel,' what was both an entertaining book and contained some of the richest themes for its time.

I'm not saying I can speak of the movie's overall quality since I haven't seen it yet--I might find it very enjoyable--but I can't blame reviewers despising an adaptation that uses looks before depth.

ironfist922321d ago

I heard this film did suck from those who've watched it.