TV Fanatic: Person of Interest Season Finale Review: Fight for the Machine

If Person of Interest Season 2 wanted to go out with a major cliffhanger, "Zero Day" would have been a great candidate.

And yet after speaking with series creator and one of the writers of the finale, Jonathan Nolan, he implied that "God Mode" would serve as the closing of one chapter and the beginning of another, which is exactly what transpired, bringing about a level of closure for some of the mystery surrounding Finch and the Machine and opening the door for something even more.

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alycakes3495d ago

This was the best episode ever and a great way to end the season. I can't wait for more and see what happens next. Even Carter surprised me last night....what was she thinking but I guess she had to do something and I would have to after being threatened by HR.

Simon_Brezhnev3494d ago

She's probably going to need his help if they go after her son.

I just know that mysterious woman at the end i really hope that its not Grace.

alycakes3494d ago

I know....that was weird...I don't know what if that was real or if she just went crazy and just is imagining all that now.

Simon_Brezhnev3494d ago

I do think that mysterious woman is related to Harold. She probably know his real name. I mean they never said why he changes his name so much so he's running from somebody.

alycakes3494d ago

Oh, the one in the car that they don't show the face...yes, I've been wondering who she is. I'm betting that it's someone we've seen somewhere in the last 2 seasons but I already don't like her.

RetrospectRealm3494d ago

Great way to end the season. It's not exactly as impactful as the Season 1 ending, but I still loved it.