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Disney Getting Close On Pirates 5 Director; Here's The Short List

With The Lone Ranger in the can, Disney, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Johnny Depp have turned their attention toward setting sail on a fifth installment underway of Pirates Of The Caribbean. While a number of pie-in-the-sky giant directors are being mentioned, here are three helmers I hear are on the short list.

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alycakes3561d ago

This one I will look forward to. Depp is at his best as Jack Sparrow. I just wish they would find someone else other than Cruz to play the female part this time around.

RetrospectRealm3560d ago

Fredrik Bond would definitely be a nice choice.

ironfist923560d ago

Like evryone is saying, Jack Sparrow is best as a supporting character, not the main one, like in POTC4.

Jack Sparrows works best off other characters, because thats where he shines most. When he's just doing his own thing for any ol person to see, it doesnt work as well.

Also, a better antagonist, more to the likes of Davy Jones.

aDDicteD3559d ago

the last pirates was very enjoyable but it was thin on the overall story compared to the first 2, i think any director mentioned in the article can make it work but they have to pay more attention to the story writing department.

StarWarsFan3555d ago

None of those choices seem great. Maybe Rupert Sanders could have another affair with someone though. His Snow White version was overrated, so I think they should keep looking.