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Black Rock Review - Best Horror Movies

Best Horror Movies says "Black Rock played at the Sundance Film Festival, but gets officially released on May 17, 2013. When it comes out you need to do yourself the favor of seeing it. It will steamroll right through you with the intense fear that permeates from it. Black Rock is survival horror at its absolute finest and grittiest. This one will do to islands what Jaws did to the water and Psycho did to showers."

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Best-Horror-Movies4057d ago

I was surprised to find out this was a decent movie, I was not expecting much.

TheHergulaX4056d ago

The link is not working, I´m receiving an error.

TheHergulaX4056d ago

Yeah now its fine, I don´t know what the issue was before, Seems like it was an issue on my side and not yours. I apologize for that.


Black Rock Review - Leviathyn

Black Rock works much better in the first half than the second. I would’ve loved to see it go beyond the usual material we see in stalker/slasher films and really surprise me. Instead, we get the same old stuff with better setup, which is infinitely more disappointing.

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The Daily Rotation - Black Rock Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Director Katie Aselton attempts to shock and disturb by way of seclusion and suspense in her latest thriller Black Rock, which she stars in alongside Lake Bell and Kate Bosworth. Black Rock works best when attempting to piece together the broken fragments of an old friendship, but when the film takes a turn for the horror it quickly becomes a poor man’s I Spit on Your Grave or even Straw Dogs. The terror is suppressed by a small budget and lack of experience from the film’s psychotic killers. Black Rock is one weekend getaway that you’ll want to pass on."

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aDDicteD4072d ago

i might watch it. i relatively like straw dogs and i spit on your grave type of movies, it isnt that bad, plus, i also like to watch kate bosworth movies.


Black Rock(2013)- Trailers

Yahoo Movies:
A trailer has gone online for Katie Aselton‘s horror film Black Rock. The film focuses on three old friends (played by Kate Bosworth, Lake Bell, and Aselton) who attempt to reconnect on a camping trip to a deserted island only to find it not-so-deserted. Once there, a series of unfortunate events leads the trio of women on a fight for their lives. When I saw the film at Sundance earlier this year, I thought it had an interesting hook, but then Aselton and co-writer Mark Duplass took the film to a familiar place that drained all tension from the picture. I’ll also say that if you’re looking forward to this movie, there’s a point in the trailer that strongly hints at a spoiler.

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