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Best Horror Movies says "Black Rock played at the Sundance Film Festival, but gets officially released on May 17, 2013. When it comes out you need to do yourself the favor of seeing it. It will steamroll right through you with the intense fear that permeates from it. Black Rock is survival horror at its absolute finest and grittiest. This one will do to islands what Jaws did to the water and Psycho did to showers."

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Best-Horror-Movies3499d ago

I was surprised to find out this was a decent movie, I was not expecting much.

TheHergulaX3498d ago

The link is not working, I´m receiving an error.

TheHergulaX3497d ago

Yeah now its fine, I don´t know what the issue was before, Seems like it was an issue on my side and not yours. I apologize for that.