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Take A Look At One Of The Villains From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

CBM: One of our spies on the New York set of Jonathan Liebesman's currently shooting TMNT reboot has sent us a couple of snaps of...well, we're not sure what they are exactly! But we are told they are hunting the Turtles. Take a look..

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RetrospectRealm3558d ago

Probably the Foot. Honestly, I like how the Foot looked in the original TMNT. I guess this will do though.

Deadpool6163557d ago

I don't have the best confidence in this movie, but I hope it turns out better than I expected. I always welcome pleasant surprises when I have low expectations for a movie.

Competing with the original TMNT movies is an uphill battle. Those movies were my favorite when I was a kid. Maybe the new movie will get into the aliens and different dimensions. Something the original movies didn't get into.

aDDicteD3556d ago

looks like the foot clan but more menacing and less ninja like, with the technology today they might pull off a more better TMNT than the 90's version but a lot depends on the storyline.