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Pure News Review: Iron Man 3

So Iron man 3 was shaping up to be a big movie, and It's marketing actually got the authors of Pure News pretty hyped for it. Pure News was expecting this one to be the definitive Iron Man movie, the movie that would show them a deeper and darker side of Tony Stark, against a whole new Villain that, in the original comics, used magic. Pure News were really interested on how they would adapt that to the more serious movie universe of Marvel. (Thor had magic and an excuse for it, so they had a way to connect the two).

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RetrospectRealm3554d ago

Completely disagree with this review. The movie was great. Best Iron Man yet.

TheHergulaX3553d ago

I completely agree with you. It is not only a great Iron Man film, but it is most likely one of the best films of the year, by the end of 2013.

And I believe it will get an Oscar nomination for Visual Effects.

pureFelix3553d ago

i have noticed it is one of those love it or hate it type movies

RetrospectRealm3553d ago

Agreed. Most people I hear hate it though.

TheWolverine3554d ago

I'm not gonna say we shoud give this film an Oscar nom, but I will say it was a good, fun movie.

TheHergulaX3553d ago (Edited 3553d ago )

"False Advertisement" - It was not false advertisement, lets get that clear. The trailer creators, producers and the director have the choice to make us believe what they want to believe. Not only that but it was not misleading whatsoever, What happens later on with the villains is a solid plot-twist.

"Stupid Plotpoints" - No need to bash a movie just because you did not like it.

"Humor should not have been the main focus" - It wasn´t. Previous Iron Man movies had far more humor than the third installment has. While I do agree that humor was extremely importan in Iron Man 3, something they clearly focused on, the film is still deeper, darker and more serious than previous Iron Man films. Stakes have never been this high for Tony in any previous Iron Man film (Not counting the Avengers).

pureFelix3553d ago

i do not dissagre that it is a solid plottwist i just dont think it should have been used with the mandarin, also they can make us believe what they want to belive but you must admit they showed no comedy at all in the trailers and there was quite a bit in the movie hole scenes dedicated to it even the mental issues of tony stark is played up for laughs later on in the movie

i agree with your comment on bashing it will be taken into consideration next times i am still learning as we all are
thanks for you feedback

TheHergulaX3553d ago

I do have to say first and foremost that I did enjoy the review, honestly, I just had issued with those three "cons" points. It is a matter of opinion and truly, I do agree with you that The Mandarin should have been treated differently, as he is the strongest Iron Man enemy in the comics, well at least one of them.

And I do understand your issue with the misleading trailer, making the viewer hope for one thing, yet when they watch the film, they receive something completely different.

So all in all, I do get your point of view, I thank you for clarifying that as well, and I would also like to apologize if I came off too strong as I tend to do that.

I liked the text and the website in general looks top-notch, a website that I will definitely visit from time to time.

coolbeans3553d ago

Surprising to see a review score for IM3 I agree with, but some of the points made are quite flimsy.

pureFelix3553d ago

we are still a new site, and im fairly new to reviews myself all feedback is greatly apreciated if you have any other comments youd like to make id love to hear them

coolbeans3553d ago

Thanks for responding, Felix.

Outside of the spelling/grammatical errors, parts of the review (one of the guys in the review does better than others) just seem so..."ranty." In your section, It would be better to build up a little bio on Shane Black's history and show how it juxtaposes Iron Man 3 in all the wrong ways. You do mention things but only in a "passing comment" sort of way.

aDDicteD3550d ago

I'm not surprised to see some low reviews on this film. the movie totally split the audiences because of the the mandarin twist.