Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman Talk Person Of Interest Season 2, Plans for Season 3, and More

With season two coming to a close, CBS’s hit drama Person of Interest is not pulling any punches: Root’s reappearance coupled with a virus that could permanently cripple the machine, continuing troubles with HR and the new threat of organization known as Decima, there is a lot at stake in the final episode.

The other day we landed an exclusive interview with executive producers Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman. They talked about the machine’s role in season two, their plans for season three and beyond, as well as a little about the season two glitches and what fan favorite characters might be returning next season. The second season finale of Person of Interest airs tonight. Hit the jump for the interview.

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alycakes3498d ago

I'm really glad the show is getting good ratings so it can continue to get renewed. The show's subject matter really hasn't been done on tv as a series before and I enjoy watching. So far the stories haven't been boring and the HR subject continues to get more and more interesting as time goes by.

RetrospectRealm3498d ago

Great read. Can't wait for the season finale TONIGHT!

aDDicteD3489d ago

i never got started watching this series, but upon reading this article it sounds good and jim caviezel is in it, i never saw him after the passion movie.