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Star Trek Into Darkness Reveals New Stills and a Featurette

Star Trek Into Darkness' viral site,, has revealed two new stills from the upcoming J.J. Abrams sequel along with a featurette that includes insight from Abrams himself. Check it all out below!

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Sandmano3562d ago

Hope its better than the first one

TheHergulaX3562d ago

The first one was great, a phenomenal film with a solid plot, well produced, well directed with cinematography on point.

Altough, I also hope that the sequel will be better than the first film.

alycakes3562d ago

I'm hoping for a better sequel also. I did like the first one but the first ones spend time introducing you to the characters so this one has to use that time to give you a better story.

StarWarsFan3559d ago

I didn't love the first one. It got a little boring at parts.

aDDicteD3555d ago

I have such high hopes on this film cause I liked the first film so much. cant wait to watch this!