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The Wolverine: Famke Janssen Confirms She Only Appears In Flashbacks

What Culture

Bringing up Bobby marks the directorial debut of former X-Men star Famke Janssen. What Culture had a chat with the beautiful Dutch actress recently ahead of the film’s DVD release next week – we’ll have the full interview up for you in a little while – and inevitably talk turned to the X-Men franchise.

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StarWarsFan3556d ago

I'm glad. Otherwise it would be too much like all the X-Men movies.

TheHergulaX3556d ago

Yup, the way Wolverine acts with her is honestly... too much...

Crazay3556d ago

I'd be all flustered around her too....just saying.

aDDicteD3555d ago

i like to see famke back but im kind of sad that the film confirms x men 3...a film that should be forgotten. they should have started fresh.

Root3555d ago

I really hope she comes back, she comes back from the dead all the time in comics.

I was thinking that her power allowed her to create a duplicate of herself and the real Jean is still at the bottom of the lake.

They could of written X men 3 off as a what if....but I don't think that will happen. I hate it when you have some alright films but that single one films ruins the flow of the series.