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New Trailer and Poster For Redemption Starring Jason Statham

A new trailer and poster have been released for Redemption (known as “Hummingbird” overseas). The film stars Jason Statham as an ex-special forces soldier who winds up homeless after going on the run from a court marshal. Joey then steals another man’s identity, and befriends a nun (Agata Buzek). As we saw in the previous trailer, this is a more dramatic role for Statham, but the action beats are still there. This leaves me wondering if Statham has even done a movie where he doesn’t hit somebody. If so, Statham should make a family film. I would see Cheaper by the Dozen 3 if it starred Jason Statham.

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alycakes3502d ago

Love this man....wish I could see all of his stuff. I didn't see Parker but I don't like JLO so I missed it. I think I've seen everything else he's done though.

RetrospectRealm3501d ago

Looks like the typical Jason Statham movie.

StarWarsFan3499d ago

I wonder if Jason Statham ever doesn't have a movie ready to go.