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A Re-Shoot For The Wolverine Had A Familiar Face Show Up

Jo Blo

An extremely reliable source in Montreal has contacted about a scene that was re-shot for THE WOLVERINE on Sunday and has given us some details on the new scene.

Before I get into spoiler territory, here's a bit of other information regarding the new scene: it takes place in an airport and all cell phones were (obviously) banned on set. The re-shoot was for only one scene and it shouldn't effect the release date for THE WOLVERINE.

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Crazay3498d ago

Huge news. I'm really looking forward to this movie and the subsequent X-Men movies.

alycakes3498d ago

Me too, I can't wait to see this. I really look forward to these movies more than some of the others being made these days. I did enjoy the GI Joe Retaliation was a whole lot better than the first one and of course Skyfall was awesome too.

TheHergulaX3498d ago

While I am very happy to read this, it hardly comes as a surprise...

Crazay3498d ago

Nope not at all. Have to get started with the setup right. It's all about executing the expectation of a continuation in the series. Starts the hype machine nice and early.

Crazay3498d ago

finally we agree on something. Maybe there's a friendship in the making =P