Jurassic Park 4 Put On 'Hold'

The recently-announced Jurassic Park 4 might have been put on hold.

Two employees have revealed problems surrounding the production on Twitter. Initially, a Jurassic Park 4 concept artist tweeted "JP4 On Hold", while another member of the production team wrote: "Hollywood creates and crushes dreams. Goodbye JP4". (You can see the original screen grabs over at Ain't It Cool.) Both tweets have since been removed.

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Sandmano3494d ago

Hope Sam Neil is in it.

ironfist923492d ago

Dude's old as heck.

Dr Alan Grant would be retired from paleontology, if not just plain old...tired.

aDDicteD3490d ago

i would like to see him as a cameo, but very unlikely he will be the main star after he did the third.

Garethvk3493d ago

Got the word from our Universal rep. Its a mess, factions are divided and fighting within. What did they expect? They announce a film and a release date with no director, cast, or final script. Then they pick a director who has done 1 movie, 1. A 200K indy film with no stars or real FX and say ok, now handle a big budget, CGI, FX, Stars, expectations, and oh yeah, film in 3D. Badly handled mess but at least the studio was smart enough to say this is not going to work lets fix the issues now rather than do a JP 3 and make it up as they went along.

Garethvk3493d ago

Universal just issued a statement saying that they have decided to bring JP 4 to audiences at a later date and how they are excited to be working with the director and look forward to bringing the best film to audiences and that the extra time will allow them to do the job properly. Ok, so that explains the delays but what about the mass firings? Work not up to snuff?

RetrospectRealm3493d ago


aDDicteD3492d ago

i hope the delay is worth the wait, i was really excited about this film and its next year release. a very unpleaseant and unexpected news.

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The story is too old to be commented.