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The Blu-ray Breakdown: May 7, 2013

Nicholas of Movies Hate You Too writes:

All of this week’s new Blu-ray releases are semi successful films. None were monster hits but they all did respectably well including Tom Cruise’s ‘Super Detective’ film, a horror film where the villain bears a creepy resemblance to “Corky” Thatcher, and another Nicholas Sparks’ adaptation that’s is sure to drive men to drink. Catalog titles include one of the greatest prison escape films ever made, one of Richard Gere’s best, an adorable pig’s trip to the city, and one of Robin Williams last good films. Overall it’s not a great week but we’ve certainly survived worse.

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aDDicteD3553d ago

ill get them for DVD, mama was a good film overall but lacks a little something to be considerably great.

alycakes3553d ago

I know I want Jack Reacher and Mama but Safe Haven just isn't my type of movie.

movieshateyoutoo3551d ago

If you haven't seen either Jack Reacher or Mama I'd rent them first before purchasing.

alycakes3550d ago

I might do that instead...thanks.