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Watch the Fantastic 'Iron Man 3' End Credit Sequence

One of the things on our mind when we walked out of Iron Man 3 was how we enjoyed the end credit sequence more than the actual end-credits scene that the Marvel movies have become famous for. In a dazzling sequence that feels like the intro for an exciting '70s cop show, we get a montage of the more memorable scenes from all three Iron Man movies set to a grooved-up version of the film's score. We've been itching for this thing to arrive online ever since loving every second of it following our screening of Iron Man 3, and thankfully it's finally here, courtesy of Prologue, who produced the sequence with direction from Shane Black and Marvel Studios.

Crazay3993d ago

Feels like I'm watching the credits for a 70s cop show like Starsky and Hutch or Hawaii 5-0

Crazay3993d ago

Sighhh....for some reason the legitimately posted credits were pulled temporarily. They should be back

In the meantime check out these discarded versions

NewMonday3993d ago

best IM movie of the three, the retro end credits are fantastic.

level 3603993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

When I saw that end credit scene, for sure the entire film was only a very long dream sequence told by Tony Stark to Mr. Banner about his relationship worries, meaning putting Ms. Potts in a lot of dangerous situations..

coolbeans3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

Wow...I actually forgot to wait to see the extra ending when I saw it.

KingPin3992d ago

i was soooo disappointed with the movie i could care less about it. lol

ironfist923993d ago

I sorta pieced together what was going to be at the end of Iron Man 3, considering the rest of the avengers are busy doing their own thing, end of Avengers, Banner goes with Tony, so where the hell was he during IM3?

There he was.

hazelamy3993d ago

i'm not sure the Hulk would have been very useful during all this.
he's not exactly controllable, he'd probably do more damage than the extremis enhanced soldiers would.

Captain America could definitely have helped, but maybe he's off dealing with whatever he's dealing with in his own movie, they might address the Manderin situation in that movie to explain why he didn't help.

RetrospectRealm3993d ago

Anybody know where I can find a video that works?

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