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Kevin Feige Gives Advice For Justice League Movie; Says Have Confidence In Source Material

Collider: As the two biggest comic companies, Marvel and DC Comics have always been rivals. They have huge stables of superheroes and decades of history. But when it comes to movies, Marvel has taken a gigantic lead having been able to crank out seven hit superhero movies in the last five years while Warner Bros. (which owns DC Comics) has been stuck trying to create a bankable movie superhero who isn’t named “Batman” or “Superman” despite having other recognizable names like Wonder Woman and The Flash. Warner Bros. has been trying to figure out how to get to their own Avengers-like movie, Justice League, to the big screen but their most recent effort was sent back to the drawing board, and the studio’s superhero hopes now rest on Man of Steel.

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alycakes3503d ago

I hope they can come up with a good Justice League character base so this movie gets off to a great start and a huge finish.