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Why Daryl Dixon is The Most Popular Character on ‘The Walking Dead’

Best Horror Movies says "Daryl Dixon, the crossbow-wielding redneck on the AMC zombie apocalypse series The Walking Dead, is by far the most popular character on the series. Interesting that Daryl should be considered the night in shining armor in AMCs extremely popular series in light of his rough beginnings as a brooding and self-focused loner, loyal only to his abrasive and racist brother Merle. Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl in the show, has been around the block making a living as an actor for a number of years, but his run on The Walking Dead has elevated him to a bonafide sex symbol"

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Best-Horror-Movies3564d ago

Daryl is my favorite character, he makes the show for me.

StarWarsFan3564d ago

He is by far the best character. Simple, focused. Some characters are too neurotic and can't keep it together for very long.

Best-Horror-Movies3564d ago

Agreed! In season 4 some new characters are going to have to become more likable and interesting for the show to keep its momentum.

aviator1893564d ago

I hope they never kill him off.

ironfist923564d ago

Not if they want to lose their viewership.

tristanwerbe3564d ago

Season 5 he will die trust me and season 7 or 8 is as far as I see it going where Rick dies series finale

Best-Horror-Movies3564d ago

Maybe but Kirkman better have a good plan for bringing some new characters in that fans fall in love with, I don't think Rick can carry it for 2 seasons with out Daryl.

tristanwerbe3564d ago

Rick will be last to die though everyone knows it Daryl will die that more likely in a season finale

Mikefizzled3564d ago

I think Karl will have to shoot Rick after being bitten and then Karl shoots himself. The End.

I hope it doesn't but I really would not be surprised.

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The story is too old to be commented.