Producer Bryan Burk Says Star Wars: Episode VII Will Likely Start Filming Early 2014


When Disney first announced that it had acquired Lucasfilm and was moving forward with new Star Wars films, the level of fan excitement was understandably very, very high. Not only did Disney have new Star Wars films in the pipeline, but the studio was hoping to release the next one—Episode VII—in just three short years. With the potential 2015 release date looming, the search for a director began, culminating with producer Kathleen Kennedy finally tapping Mr. J.J. Abrams to take the helm.

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Crazay3501d ago

I have little doubt that he can do great things with this series but what I really hope for is that JJ can recapture the wonder and heart of the original series.

colonel1793501d ago

I think JJ Abrams will make a great job directing the movie. What worries me is the story. The movie has to be very well written so that the movie is good. JJ Abrams will take care of the rest.

coolbeans3501d ago

I don't see why you'd have no worry with JJ Abrams at the director's chair. After writing/directing TV shows or movies, this guy has done nothing that breathes any sort of individuality about his work. Even aesthetically speaking, the only signature he has is one of the most annoying ones in Hollywood: ridiculous amount of lens flare.

StarWarsFan3501d ago

I wonder when Disney will make a giant expansion to Disneyland/Disneyworld to accommodate their latest acquisition.

nix3500d ago

gotta love the amount of time they have in hand... such a chilled life. i'm jealous.