Can This Script Resurrect ‘The Crow?’

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Hello again, friends!

It’s been great seeing El Mayimbe swing for the scoop fences with Warner Bros and Marvel these past few months; haters be damned! But, I’m here to dish on another Comic Book Movie that isn’t coming from one of the big houses, even though it totally wants to build a new franchise.

Yes, we’re getting another adaptation of ‘The Crow’ and since it’s been announced it’s been a revolving door of directors, writers and potential stars. The newest word is that Luke Evans will be killed and resurrected to avenge for love, and that news is so fresh I had already made the below preview by the time it hit.

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StarWarsFan3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

I just don't know if anyone is really going to be too excited to see this movie with the massive amount of comic book material already filling screens. People are already so committed to the big names at this point that I think they'll rather go see unique non-comic book movies altogether if venturing out beyond the Marvel and DC universes.

alycakes3492d ago

I really want this to happen but only if it's done right with the right cast and director.