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Independent Cinema - Iron Man 3 Review

Independent Cinema writes: Nothing is the same since New York. Aliens. Gods. Anxiety. Everything has changed in Tony Stark’s (Robert Downey Jr.) life since teaming up with the Avengers. And really that applies everywhere. Marvel’s gamble on The Avengers was incredible, but it created a post-Avengers world where Disney became an even bigger, and more prolific company than before. Not only did that film destroy box office records, but it also finally brought Joss Whedon into the limelight. A trust in directors had been created that paved the way for others like Edgar Wright, James Gunn, Alan Taylor, Anthony & Joe Russo, and in Iron Man 3‘s case, Shane Black, to step in and try their hand at the Marvel franchises. A post-Avengers world was created in reality, and also in Tony Stark’s own timeline.

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