New Amazing Spiderman 2 Set Video of Gun Fight


A new Amazing Spiderman 2 set video has surfaced with the Russian mercenaries in a gun fight, and being pulled out of truck by a friendly neighborhood spider.

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TheHergulaX3502d ago

As phenomenal as the first film was, I´m hoping that the sequel won´t disappoint, but this footage is nice, got me all excited again!

Crazay3502d ago

I really did like TASM. I've been more than a little vocal about how I dislike Jamie Foxx so we won't bother with that discussion. I will admit to being terribly nervous about Rhino though. Giamatti? Hardly the first person who comes to mind when I see

TheHergulaX3501d ago

Haha, I can understand your dislike of Jamie Foxx, I am not a fan of his either. I agree with your thoughts on Giamatti playing Rhino, I am a little nervous as well, yet I am hoping for an animated villain, much like Lizard was, so then Giamatti could look pretty cool as the Rhino, yet I am also anticipating the first look of his character in the film.

StarWarsFan3502d ago

I'm just looking forward to the villains. I thought the Lizard wasn't too exciting in the reboot. He also didn't look too awesomely designed. Just seemed to plain in some respect.

Crazay3502d ago

I had no issue with the Lizard. He looked just fine to me. The make up on Electro is rather creepy and good. I'm looking forward to seeing how they do The Rhino.

TheHergulaX3501d ago

The Lizard made the most sense to be the first villain, as it would ease us into the story of who Peter Parker actually is, without the focus being on the villain. But I can understand your point of view, his design was simple, yet up-close, the CGI on that beast is among the best I´ve ever seen in a film.

Garethvk3501d ago

I am really not thrilled with the casting of Foxx nor the look so far.

Crazay3501d ago

I'm no fan of him either but I think the early look at his makeup is pretty sharp.

aDDicteD3496d ago

nice video. this video set tells me that spidey made short work out of those two mercenaries.