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Pop Cults - Iron Man 3 Review

Richard of writes "Some people may complain about one or two points here and there, that’s fine; as for me, I loved the film and I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing once more… even though I have already seen it three times already. I mean it, friends, Iron Man 3 is that damn good."

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level 3604062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Agree with you on that, I simply loved the concept, the idea behind the plots.

All the characters - the goodguys and baddies really stood out, they had rapport.

Plus getting to see most of the new along with the classic Iron Man outfits side-by-side.. spectacular film.

Arcee4062d ago

The characters all had this great rapport with each other, I definitely agree with that. And I love how they handled the Mandarin. I have a theory on that which I am currently writing, but I won't post it until next week when most people have seen the film and it won't be as much of a spoiler anymore.

-Superman-4062d ago

Yeah yeah, the Mandarin thing. Comic fans are pissed off and hate that Tony Stark's great adversary in the comics was literally made into a punch line. Non comic fans don't care. I think it's an important piece of what makes this movie what it is but there is too much focus on that right now. The fact is, to just focus on that one topic as if it determines how good or bad this movie is is short sighted. This movie was pure garbage from start to finish and here are 10 reasons why:

1. Plot Holes
Had tons of them, basically the movie would say one thing and do the opposite later on.

2. Tony Stark The Pussy
As someone else said, douche bag Shane Black made Iron Man a pussy. For another character I get it. Tony Stark is swag though. Tony Stark would get PTSD and have panic attacks from a battle in New York.

3. This Wasn't An Iron Man Movie
Tony Stark barely wore the suit. He used a gun in some scenes. His character was more like a spy/detective throughout the movie than a super hero. There was no ACDC Black Sabbath music in this movie at all, just Blue da da bee. Again Black and his ego in trying to take things in another direction tried to turn a sci-fi super hero movie into a cop/spy action film.

4. Remote Controlled Iron Man Suits Without Tony In Them

5. No Character Development
Black was so busy spending half the money setting up his mockery of the Mandarin that he failed to develop Killian's character at all. Ok, So he used to be crippled and Tony Stark dissed him once. That's his reasoning for wanting to take over the world? If you are going to have a guy do what he did how about just a little back story or reason for his actions so I can give a *beep* about him one way or the other. Also, Maya Hanson, literally ZERO character development, has an important part in the movie and then is killed for no reason with no explanation.

-Superman-4062d ago

Part 2

6. Fifty Iron Man suits At The End
Not was it just stupid, but why is it that Tony's mansion and all of his stuff is destroyed, he ends with the kid in Tennessee and Jarvis back on line, and doesn't deploy one of the 500 suits the 20 times he needed one before the end battle?

7. Rhodey Couldn't Wear A Suit
So they can only go on Tony, but one goes on Killian and Pepper about 10 minutes later which leads to Killian's death. Also, if Tony was just messing with Rhody as I have seen some say, why would he when a suit would have made him (his best friend) much safer in the middle of a battle.

8. *beep* Story Lines
This movie was a *beep* with the story line when you think about it. It just jumped from one sub plot to another to another without sticking to a central focus, tightening up the loose ends, etc. Okay, So Tony's depressed, then he calls out the Mandarin, his house and life are basically destroyed. Then all of a sudden he's this pseudo father figure for some kid, and at the same time he becomes this detective Mcgyver like character. Then he finds the Mandarin who isn't the Mandarin, and some dude who Tony dissed is actually the Mandarin and does all of this *beep* without any real back story or explanation.

9. No Direction For The Iron Man Franchise
You could literally not watch this movie and miss nothing that you need to know to watch anything in the Marvel universe before or after this movie. I realize the last few Marvel movies were directly building up to the Avengers and this was the first post avengers marvel movie but this movie simply felt nothing like marvel movie with no place or point to anything and the movie ended with more questions than answers as it relates to that.

10. This Movie Was Not What We Were Led To Believe
Forget the Mandarin not being the Mandarin. We were led to believe that Tony was about to face someone who made everything personal for him. Someone who was so smart, and bad, and crushed his spirit at it's very fibre. Remember the quote in the one trailer that went something like "I will either let you die with dignity or live in shame" (which was never in the movie by the way, nor were the Mandarin's 10 rings which were showed in the trailer)? The lack of story line and character development which I mentioned above never made anything done to Tony make any sense, unless you think dissing a guy who has an idea 13 years ago is reason enough to take his life away from him and try to take over the world.

This movie was just a big piece of crap with no story, no character development, no meaning, no heart, no substance. We got some explosions, CGI, 3D, one liners, etc which is, unfortunately, enough to dupe the masses into turning out in droves to line the pockets of a fraud like Shane Black and the sell outs at Disney. Marvel should be completely ashamed.

ThichQuangDuck4062d ago

Thank you Super Man just thank you for saying the words I never said online but said with friends.

colonel1794062d ago

I agree completely with everything you typed!. What they showed with the trailers, reminded me of The Dark Knight trailers when they wanted to hype the Joker. They did a pretty good with that, but imagine if when watching the movie, the Joker would have turned to be just a mob guy with the motive to kill Batman. everybody would have been pissed! and this is what happened with this movie.

"But people who don't read comics don't care" BS!! This is a COMIC BOOK MOVIE!!! Of course it's for comic book fans! It they made the movie thinking of people that don't read them, then they were wrong since the beginning! I don't read comics, but if I watch the movie and have interest in knowing more about the characters, I should just go read them, which is something that Shane Black destroyed because the mandarin is nothing like the comics!

Also, leaving the movie aside. This movie did nothing to develop more about the marvel universe. This could have been another movie entirely and not Marvel's. That's how weird it was! This pathetic director wanted to make his own moving disrespecting fans, the franchise, the creators, the actors and everyone in the process. Also Feige is a douche! He needs to go from Marvel ASAP. This guy will destroy Marvel. Since he saw how much money he has made with the Avengers, he will only care for the money and will destroy every single Marvel Movie.

Arcee4062d ago

1. Plot holes, can't argue with you there.
2. If you've followed the comics, especially after the Civil War and during the Avengers run of the 80s, Stark did have moments in which he questioned his role and would break down. They focused on that here, as well as being out gunned by the Extremis soldiers, which you should check out that storyline to see where that is drawn from.
3. If your complaint was that Tony didn't wear the suit, you missed the point that him wearing the suit doesn't make him the hero, his decisions do. It was a bit lost by some plot holes, but that was seemingly the intent, especially when you listen to the dialog at the beginning and end of the film. Also, when facing enemies like AIM and Hydra, Tony has acted as a tech detective before, so keep that in mind as he uses his resources and mind to find enemies in such a manner.
4. See various issues of Iron Man in which Stark controls multiple Iron Man armors without being in them himself. It is not a new concept.
5. I disagree with the Mandarin being a mockery as portraying the Mandarin in film as he is in the comics would border on racist and the whole magic vs. science element is too played out anyway. Also, Aldrich Killian should have been developed more, I'll give you that one, but considering he is a guy in the comics who barely appears in THREE pages... kinda hard to develop on that which is why Killian was more of an amalgamation of Mandarin and Killian.
6. See plot holes for this answer.
7. The only way I can explain this one is that when Pepper wears the armor she has trouble controlling it. Also, on Killian, he simply detonates it with him in it, Killian didn't operate the suit. So in theory, when he tells Rhodes that the suits are coded only for him, it makes sense.
8. Again, you are making your plot hole argument all over again.
9. If this follows the Extremis story, which it did to a huge degree, then it sets up Iron Man 4 and a whole new development phase for Stark and the armor. I think the movie does leave room for a sequel rather than the MCU, which could be developed in 4 the same way aspects of Iron Man were developed in the Extremis story that later affect his actions in the greater Marvel U.
10. Again, while I liked the Mandarin treatment, it could have done a better job at setting up AIM. It does say it is a think tank collaboration, but should have explored on that more. Basically, AIM was a bunch of guys with grudges who thought that science could do a better job running the world than any others. That is the gist of the group in the comics. Seriously. Its a bunch of pissed off nerds who form a terrorist group and pretty start doing what Killian was doing.

From a comic book fan standpoint, I loved that it hit on so many aspects of the comics. I've been following the Iron Man character for 30 years and this film did a good job of representing a lot of the comic in the film. There were some plot holes and some things that could have been done better, but as a whole, I like what they did with the film. A lot.

ReelKid4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

really? I honestly can't believe my eyes with these high scores, I went to watch the movie myself and it was down right awful and without a doubt the worst of the three. It's a slap to all the comic book fans' faces and it played like a family comedy. They ruined the main villain, the story was cliched to bits, comedy was way to apparent even in serious situations and there were an immense amount of plot holes that made no sense whatsoever.

One (of many) example being Tony Stark having his shrapnels removed.This could have been done from the beginning of the franchise (in Iron man 1 when he came back from the middle east) and with that in mind, there's no point of Tony going through the trouble of rediscovering a new element that would prevent his blood poisoning from the arc reactor in his chest if the sharpnels could've been easily removed!

commercialised film and extremely overrated

coolbeans4062d ago

I wouldn't say it was the worst (2 was), but I agree with most of your complaints.

ThichQuangDuck4062d ago

Damn near propaganda with Mandarin(Osama Bin Laden), Plane crash(911) but people are saved by iron man. Which lead to 5 minutes of clapping in my theater because right after that scene they stare at the screen and say no casualties. Beyond even that the movie was again like all marvel movies I have watched a kid with some action figures because that is all disney will allow directors to do. They do not develop the characters and those who believe they do should study character development. They mention PTSD sparingly, Mandarin is not the main villain but rather some Reisdent Evil Boss that went in the garbage. The After Credits scene essentially says hey were you expecting something remotely serious well fuck off this is Disney

ps3_pwns4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

the movie was good but i bet most people were expecting mandarin to do what he does in the comics and i think most people just wanted iron man to fight some huge robots. i mean i was mad at 2 because it was just some dude walking around with electric whip lol i was like what is this? of course he had the drone robots but they kind of lame. people want to see iron man fight a real threat in his movie even in the first movie the atlus robot thing was not a threat and only was a cool battle because iron man had a weak power core.

people want to see iron man at full strength going up against another robot in an epic battle like some astro boy stuff or megaman. iron man was beast in the avengers we need more of that in his stand alone films. him infiltrating some super robotic vault facility or something cutting down blast doors. fighting trhough rooms with robots and mechs to reach the core and hack into it type stuff lol.

the end fight was alright and pretty cool but the enemies are just as weak as the drones from iron man 2 and the big bulking atlus robot from iron man 1.

i want iron man to fight another iron man and make the battle like goku vs majin vegeta lol

Arcee4062d ago

You actually make some valid points there. I believe that some people wanted the Mandarin to be all mystical and vile and evil. At the same time, people wanted to see the super hero Tony Stark rather than a character with vulnerabilities.

I get what you are saying, and I would be lying if I said I didn't want to see some big bad Iron Man movie with armored fighters fighting Stark the whole way. Maybe the next story they can adapt would be the Armor Wars story, check that out if you want to see a big, all out fight between Iron Man and multiple armored enemies at one time.

Deadpool6164061d ago

After the first 2 Iron Man movies Tony already faced off against guys in their own suits. If they didn't change it up people would have been upset about him fighting another guy in a suit.

"So he fights another guy in his own iron man suit again?! Lame!" *More internet rants*

Th3 Chr0nic4062d ago

personally i liked the movie but when i walked out of the theater i just had that feeling of meh that was cool . instead of that feeling of wow that was awesome.

it just felt like a lot was missing that i cant put my finger on.


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