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New Iron Man 3 Conceptual And Promo Art Emerge

CBM: Including promo images of all the suits from Tony Stark's Hall of Armor, as seen Iron Man 3, conceptual artwork has surfaced online in anticipation of the Marvel threequel's release! Check them out!

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StarWarsFan3559d ago

I would have expected the concept art to have come out before the movie.

KingPin3559d ago

i just watched this movie yesterday.
what a load of crap.
its like they tried to bring in comedic elements which just failed. the plot was all over the place. the villians were lame as well. the story was predictable. whats worse, so much references to the avengers, tony stark getting his ass handed to him and not one avenger comes to help him out.
this movie was a CGI-fest more than anything.
totally disappointing.