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Danny Boyle Says We're Losing Adult Movies Due To Pixar-ification

WorstPreviews: ''Danny Boyle is a great person to interview, mostly because he's honest and very knowledgeable. While promoting "Trance," he spoke about adult films and how disappointing it is that the term now refers to porn, rather than movies with complex characters and storylines that deal with adult problems, including sexuality and violence.

He believes that adult films are going away, stating that "Star Wars" started the trend and Pixar has continued it by developing the type of successful family films that many studios are now trying to copy. And while he loves and respects Pixar, he misses the important, difficult films of the 70s.''

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aDDicteD3498d ago

i disagree with his opinions. some pixar movies and other family movies are getting matured..yes..but in a good way and in a more relatable way. and it does not take away anything in "adult oriented" movies.