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Iron Man 3 Review | Avengers Universe

AU: You know, it’s been quite hard to keep away from spoilers and such being an American. In case you didn’t know, the US was literally the 2nd to last country to have Iron Man 3 released in. Why they chose that premiere schedule, I DON’T KNOW. Even so, I read many reviews on the film, the good ones and the bad ones to prepare myself a bit better. The film has been garnering quite a bit of criticism so far, with few critics saying it’s a great film, and then some others, who should not be considered professional critics hailing it as the second coming of Jesus. Anyways, being a hardcore comic book and movie fan, I think I have a right to have my true and honest opinion on the film be taken seriously: this was a great film.

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alycakes3504d ago

I was so happy to finally get to see this movie. I loved it! I knew I would and it didn't disappoint. I liked the way they made it in a way that if they don't make another it gave it a tone of " I'm happy the way things are, I'm Iron Man and I'm proud of it and no one can take that away from me". At the same time...they can always bring him back too.

aDDicteD3500d ago

The movie was good. action packed and hilarious yes but the whole mandarin thing...well that made me not see the movie being as 9 out of 10 rating.