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CBM Review: Iron Man 3 - A Stark Failure


Expectations are riding high for the first post-Avengers film from Marvel Studios and with the American release finally here it's poised to shatter box office records. But will it do so on the strength of its own merits or riding on The Avengers coattails?

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RetrospectRealm3507d ago

Sadly, I completely disagree with this review.

TheHergulaX3506d ago

I agree with you, what is odd is that you have two people disagreeing with you saying that.

RetrospectRealm3506d ago

At least I have someone (you) agreeing.

TheHergulaX3506d ago

I got ur back man, especially when you say things that are completely true, near factual. "Iron Man 3" was the farthest thing from a "failure", as stated in the review title.

monkeyfox3506d ago

I disagree when the reviewer says the marketing was bad.. i thought it was clever. Too many trailers f$kin ruin films and this time they turned it on its head. One of the best action films this year... Unless you try to take it too seriously that is...

TheHergulaX3503d ago

I agree, while it did not hold true to the comics, it was very well created and surprised everybody.

aDDicteD3500d ago

the film is not a failure entirely, it had its good scenes but it was not a great movie as well.