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Arrow: "The Undertaking": IGN Review

After a season full of episodes that slowly teased the mystery of "The Undertaking," what exactly it involves, and how culpable Moira Queen is in the sinking of the Queen's Gambit, all the cards were finally laid on the table in this revealing episode. And Felicity got a chance to use her brain for gambling, so the card metaphor works doubly well. Aside from a few annoying quirks, this was a satisfying episode that ably set the stage for the final two chapters of the season.

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alycakes3565d ago

This was an excellent episode. I was so glad that he found out about Tommy dad being behind everything and that his mom isn't dear loving mom but more like Mommy Dearest. A lot happened this week that needed to happen before the fianle and it's all falling into place but so much can go wrong too....can't wait til next wk to find out.

Sahil3564d ago

The end fight scene kind of reminded me of the movie The Raid Redemption where he slams his head against the wall 3 times haha. Cool though.