TVF Supernatural Review: What is the Third Trial?

TV Fanatic:
Sam couldn't have spoken more true words at the close of this episode, something that reiterated that final destination and goal for Supernatural Season 8.

And yet, we don't exactly know what that end is going to be beyond trying to complete the third trial. There's as much pointed direction as there is mystery and stakes for the Winchester brothers, in addition to the potential repercussions of closing the gates of Hell.

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alycakes3505d ago

It's getting down to the wire on the closing of Hell. What they haven't really discussed and may have slightly mentioned last night by saying 'what would the world be like afterwards?' is if they close it would no one be able to go to Hell either...not even the ones that need to?

Sahil3505d ago

And if there is a demon worthy of being cured, it would be Meg. She's changed a lot.