[The Nerd Cabinet] Iron Man 3 - Review

"Iron Man 3 was released to UK cinemas on April 25th. I thought it appropriate to wait until my birthday (27th) to watch it with my family. We went to KFC beforehand. Too right as well, I dislike becoming hungry during a long film. That chicken fillet hit the spot because I was full throughout the entire film. It allowed me to focus completely."

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Thefreeman0123499d ago

Meh I'd say a 7.5 out of 10. It's a long movie that could have been condensed a little..

On another note:
what's up With the really long movies lately. Django, hobbit, ironman .. Etc.

Santiago1913498d ago

Hey man.

This is my review but was posted on Saviior's account for convenience. Thank you for your comment.

Fair enough with your score but I felt the film was perfectly paced and that nothing needed to be taken out :)

Haha, I'm not sure. As long as the length doesn't worsen the film, I'm not complaining; more for your money ;)