'Iron Man 3' Is Coming for the 'Avengers' Box Office Records

Atlantic Wire says

Iron Man 3 doesn't open in the U.S. until the end of this week, but it's already kicked off a big following, legally, across the globe — and, very illegally, on the Internet. Welcome to summer movie season a little early, brought to you by Marvel's bullish international market... and pirates. Which begs the early question: Can Tony Stark leverage his team effort last summer in The Avengers to beat it at the box office?

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ironfist922396d ago

I am scared to think how much Avengers 2 will make...

Crazay2396d ago

Should be interesting to see how the next few movies play out. Iron Man 3 is making some seriously disgusting bank right now.

alycakes2396d ago

I know it's going to be great...time goes by so fast as it is but for that movie...I dont' mind so much.