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TVF Bones Review: Will You Marry Me?

TV Fanatic:
Bones season 8 will not go down in the history of the series as one of my personal favorites. It's been all over the place in terms of plot, development and public service announcements.

Tonight's episode had some of the hallmarks of seasons past but ultimately fell a little short of the mark. As a finale, "The Secret in the Siege" brought closure to just about nothing.

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alycakes3510d ago

There's only one thing I want and that is that they get Plant so they can get somewhat back to other things. I know he's the one that also took all of Hodgens money.

neoragex3510d ago

This episode had a lot of promise. I didn't care if they got married or not, but bringing Pelant back is beating a dead horse to death. Time to move on and freshen up the story lines. It's starting to get boring!

alycakes3509d ago

That is what I meant...get him and move forward with something new and fresh.

3507d ago