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V/H/S 2 | Den of Geek Review

Somehow, a hot trend in no-budget filmmaking has become the horror anthology. Granted, the idea of anthologies coming back into vogue likely speaks to the lack of long form ideas (witness Movie 43 or InAPPropriate Comedy) more so than any overarching principle or vision. But the horror genre contains multitudes and it has been the studios’ collective fault in constantly replicating horror formulae and franchises, while ignoring the fact that the unknown is scarier than the familiar. V/H/S caught the attention of the small group of horror fans looking for a spooky alternative and The ABC’s Of Death continued feeding that, leading us to V/H/S 2, further taking us down the rabbit hole of experimental short-form horror filmmaking.

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aDDicteD3510d ago

whatever the ratings are in this film i would gladly watch it. the first film surprised me a lot and i expect more innovations in the second.