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The Following: James Purefoy Discusses Season 1's Final Chapter

IGN spoke with the actor behind Joe Carroll to get some scoop on the Season 1 finale, only to find out that even he isn't sure which ending they'll use.

This Monday, April 29th, The Following wraps up its 15-episode first season with "The Final Chapter." I had a chance to speak with actor James Purefoy -- Joe Carroll himself -- about the depths of Joe's madness, having all of Joe's best laid plans crumble around him and how he doesn't even know which ending audiences will see in the finale.

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alycakes3507d ago

I love James Purefoy and was so sad to see him be the bad guy in this series but he's done a really good job at being crazy. I hope they get him at the end but they just don't seem to know what they're doing on that show.

neoragex3506d ago

I enjoy this show but it's quickly wearing many stupid decisions can the FBI make? The buried alive thing? Anyone else notice she was buried like 2 inches under ground? In these kind of shows does it always seem like the bad guys are better hand to hand combatants and in better shape than the good guys...they always out run them.