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Is Joss Whedon Saving Thanos For The Avengers 3? (Video Interview)

Desede Hollywood

On the Iron Man 3 premiere red carpet we got to interview Joss Whedon, the Czar of the Marvel cinematic universe. The Avengers director -and creator of cult series as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly- started by discussing the future of the actor who plays Tony Stark. But more interesting is what he told us about Thanos, the Mad Titan that appeared in the first post-credits scene of The Avengers.

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DarkBlood3568d ago

if thats the case then why even put him in the aftercredit scene that just makes the wait even longer lol

edwest3567d ago

Becuase it's not about the story, it's about making a product that ensures healthy business, if Marvel go through four 'Phases' before making 'the grand finale', they'll make four more after that.

aDDicteD3567d ago

no i dont think so, there are numerous villains in the roster for him to stretch out thanos until the third, highly unlikely. he showed the teaser of thanos in the aftercredits the same way batman flipped the joker card in batman begins, very obvious conclusion that he will be the next threat in phase 2.