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Editorial: Is The Marvel Cinematic Universe Loosing the Thrill?

Turbo-Exp writes: "Twas many years ago (Around 2007) was when we first learned of Marvel's plan for launching their cinematic universe with the hit film Iron Man, and it's hard to believe we're now entering Phase 2. When Iron Man was first released it was the first of it's kind, a movie unlike any other produced before from Marvel. A movie that seemed to spark millions of fans around the globe, yet Marvel didn't stop there, they decided to add a little bit of a treat for fans by having veteran actor Samuel L. Jackson play the role of S.H.I.E.L.D. leader Nick Fury in a post credits scene. From then on we watched the countless number of Marvel films in order to watch them all lead up to Marvel's The Avengers, and now we soon await this year's Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, and many other successors, and eventually the conclusion to it all?"

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aDDicteD3507d ago

NO! they obviously have not yet loose the thrill, in fact we are just in the climax phase wherein everyone is excited about phase 2, the characters that will likely be the additions, who might end up dying and so forth. it will be a long stretch before people lose interest in marvel movies, the end is not even in sight.

BoxOfficeBuz3507d ago

Couldn't agree more. The fact that Iron Man 3 just knocked out 195 million worldwide in one weekend proves that many many many fans are still thrilled.

TheHergulaX3507d ago

And trust me when I say this, Iron Man 3 is on the same level as The Avengers when it comes to the directing, acting and production in general. The excitement is definitel still there, and like you said, that 200 Million mark shows exactly how excited people still are about superhero movies.

aDDicteD3507d ago

wow, if ironman 3 is indeed in the same level as avengers in general as you say it is, then, it has a chance to match up with man of steel quite well in terms of quality overall.

StarWarsFan3506d ago

I don't think it's losing its thrill; not yet at least. I think a point will come where people will get a little tired of seeing the same characters every year and everyone will need a breather. It's like that for any franchise, but when it comes to Marvel the pure scale of it all will get a bit much to take in after a while. Marvel is a whole new ballgame with so many characters in The Avengers alone and their own individual franchises apart. For instance, I think before plans for an Iron Man 4 come out, they should consider giving The Avengers their share in the spotlight and allow other character to catch up in sequels, such as Thor, Captain America and even the Hulk.

MilkMan3505d ago

I think it has. What folks wanted to see was all of these story threads coming together in a cohesive way. Now that we've seen it, its going to be challenging to keep that momentum. We already know that Thanos should be the bad guy in Avengers 2, but the thrill and excitement is not at a pitch high.

What can they do to top it? We are going to get "another" alien invasion?
No Hulk movie, just some space raccoon's, and the Thor trailer didn't leave me wanting to rush to see it. Maybe Captain America's will be worth the watch.

TO be honest the only reason I want to see Iron Man 3 is cause Shane Black is at the helm and I like the mans work and he doesn't work all the time.

It wasn't Downey Jr. or the fact that it was another Iron Man.

I'm more thrilled to see Star Trek: Into Darkness and the Man of Steel has me gasping for breath. Its new, its fresh, and Nolan and Snyder had their hands on this. Couldn't wish for anything better.

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