Thor: The Dark World Trailer #1 Analysis

AU: The very first teaser trailer for Thor: The Dark World premiered last week to much praise. Personally, I loved it. It looks great and way better than the first movie. Ask anyone what they think of the first film, and they’ll most likely tell you they loved every part on Asgard, but the parts on Earth were just plain and boring. It seems as though Disney and Marvel have heard the fans, and this sequel looks to be almost completely on Asgard. Thor runs in to Earth to sweep Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) off her feet then fly back to Asgard where she’ll be his queen or something.

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aDDicteD3501d ago

im am not so familiar with the thors story in the comics thus i dont know much of the villain and the trailer at hand but this article shed a lot of light in my questions and i have some idea what might transpire..the only question remains if loki can be trusted? the second film might be more complex than the first.