2013 Summer Movie Preview at Skewed and Reviewed

As they work to update and restore the site following a nasty hack attack, Skewed and Reviewed have posted their 2013 summer movie preview article. The article first appeared in their March magazine but they have now posted it online for everyone. The guide covers from May through September.

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RetrospectRealm3503d ago

Nasty hack attack? Damn, glad you guys are back up and running. Nice article by the way. :)

Garethvk3503d ago

Thanks, we did not go down fully, and hour or two now and then while we work on it. Mainly we went to a very basic look as this has allowed us to stay up while we toil away. Main thing is the graphic and image permissions and the author credits. It came in on an embedded You Tube link and did a number. So for now, it will be a basic look while we fix it. I am hoping we may just try to do the site updates and new look we had on the schedule for 2014 a bit early.

aDDicteD3501d ago

nice line up; my predictions: ironman, superman and pacific rim will be the cream of the crop. easily the top three movies for this summer.