Spidey & Jamie Foxx's Max Dillon Together On The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Set


Filming of Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is currently taking place in front of the Hearst Building, which is posing as Oscorp Industries. Spider-Man was seen sharing a scene with Jamie Foxx's Max Dillon for the first time.

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aDDicteD3501d ago

i am very curious how they will portray electro before he became electro, will he have a certain relationship with spiderman like how they did with dr octavious in spiderman 2. this film looks heavy in story with notable additions. the running time should be 2 hours 30 minutes at least.

neoragex3501d ago

I think Rhino is the first villian that spidey fights and it has something to do with Oscorp and he saves Jaime from impending danger and tells Max that he is his eyes and ears on the street.

Then Max Dillion thinks he is spidey friend and partner, making him an obsessive fan.

And later turning into Electro.