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Is Martian Manhunter In Man Of Steel?

CBM: Is it possibily that while it states Harry Lennix is playing General Swanwick, he could actually be playing Martian Manhunter? Could this be a reference that was talked about at a DC Cinematic Universe? Click to find out.

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aDDicteD3511d ago

this could be a potential surprise, if you have watched several animated films and series, manhunter is disguised as a form of agent but we have yet to see for sure if he will be included. chances are he wont be.

neoragex3510d ago

Would've been cool to have him come in and help Superman fight, but that would be taking away from Superman. This is his movie. The focus needs to be on him. So having a tease of what's to come at the end is where it should be. What the tease actually is, is obviously up for different ideas.