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Avengers 2 Rumor Control: Thanos Confirmed? Not So Fast

CB: While information about Marvel’s second “phase” of movies has been fairly scarce (beyond the ones currently in post-production or early release like Thor: The Dark World and Iron Man 3), if there’s one thing fans have been taking for granted for a while now, it’s that Thanos will appear in both Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel’s The Avengers 2.

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TheHergulaX3509d ago

I personally would like seeing Thanos as the villain in Avengers sequel, yet I am actually hoping for a completely different villain... Ultron. While Thanos is more than fitting to be in Avengers 2, I am interested in seeing how they actually make him out to be.

Torkith3508d ago

I would also love to see Ultron, granted we really need Ant-man first. So here's hoping for Avengers 3 with Ultron.

TheHergulaX3507d ago

Agreed, I hope for the same.

aDDicteD3506d ago

it will be very unlikely to skip out on him since he was already teased in the avengers after credits. if he is not the villain who else will? and besides there are MORE roster of villains to choose from in the aftermath of phase 2.