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Doctor Who: "Journey to the Centre of the Tardis": IGN Review

Much has been made this season about the ability to sum up an episode's selling point in a movie poster.

But bugger the tagline and sexy promo image - it's the title of Steve Thompson's fanboy-baiting, traumatically timey-wimey tale that most titillated.

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neoragex3569d ago

This episode sums up why Doctor Who should be allowed 2/3 even 4 part stories.

The concept of a journey into the very depths of the TARDIS could easily, imo, support almost half a series, and surely deserves much more time than 45 mins with a crammed in ending.

Next week's episode looks like the epitome of filler. This should have been a 2-parter at the very least.

Deku-Johnny3569d ago

I agree I hate how Moffat decided to scrap the idea of 2 parters especially when it comes to series finales, the last episode of the series before this felt rushed compared to the finale of every other series since the revival in 2005.

SouthClaw3569d ago

Episodes should be 60 minutes its ridiculous to have 45 minutes. More concerned with making it fit within BBC America than making it work in the UK