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Nerdluster Writes: Oblivion is set in a not to far flung science fiction future of 2077 where humanity has been struggling to survive after doing battle with an invading alien force. 60 years ago the Scavengers or "Scavs" entered our atmosphere after destroying our moon. In the days following the loss of our eternal satellite earthquakes, tsunamis and flooding claimed a significant portion of Earth's population. We fought back with our most powerful weapons and eventually won the war. Unfortunately with the loss of our moon and the nuclear battle with the Scavs our planet was permanently damaged.

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Sahil3509d ago

I give this movie a 4.5/5. I thought it was fantastic, but that could be because it's my absolute favorite style/genre of movie. I'm also looking forward to after earth and elysium.
I went to see it with my dad today.. He turned to me and said "That was twice as good as I thought it was going to be!"
I suggest you see it if you haven't yet.