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Star Trek Into Darkness Villain Finally Revealed


Benedict Cumberbatch's character known as 'John Harrison' has been revealed to be someone else, but who?

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alycakes3515d ago

I never liked Star Trek when I was younger and it was on TV but the movie JJ made was really good so I'll be seeing this one too.

aDDicteD3513d ago

me too, i even tried to watch one of the star trek movies when i was young but i always felt star wars was more interesting, more superior and the overall story has more depth. however when they remade star trek in 2009, i was curious to watch it and see if it the same thing and i was wrong, it instantly made me like it.

MilkMan3515d ago

When I heard that Benicio Del Torro was attached but then had to leave cause of money issues, I figured it was Khan.

RetrospectRealm3515d ago

Old news. EW spilled the beans quite a few months ago.

Legion3514d ago

So they are going back through time to battle Sherlock Holmes??

aDDicteD3513d ago

the rumors were already overwhelming that he will play khan weeks ago. although i dont know that storyline in the classic star trek, i do know that the film star trek wrath of khan was one of the best it had before and received critical praise and i think this movie would also benefit from khans story arc.